K PACIFIC Productions captures the stories, images, and sounds at the intersection of idea and feeling, story and character, dream and reality, vision and message.  Through the mediums of narrative and documentary film, K PACIFIC tells stories about the human experience with emotion and artistry.  K PACIFIC applies this same care and craft to every project: a one minute Public Service Message to save an after-school program, a Public Relations video to raise funds for a community organization, or a gallery piece on an art installation.


Chihiro Wimbush is an independent film director and producer with extensive experience as a shooter and editor, and a background in sound production and music performance.

Before working in film, Chihiro was a musician in bands from New York to Japan before becoming a DJ in the Bay Area, and starting an 8 year run as radio host for the world electronic music program Your Blue Room.

While living in the Pacific Northwest, Chihiro began active work in film production, doing sound and foley for “Road Kill,” winning Best Sound Design at the inaugural 48 Hour Film Festival in Portland.  Through the Northwest Film Center, Wimbush directed two short black and white 8 millimeter films, “ShadowBoxing” (with Andie Webb), and “Cross Fader”, which went on to screen at Sound and Vision (Portland), the Disorient Film Festival (Eugene), Locus Arts (San Francisco) and the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

Returning to San Francisco in 2007, Wimbush served as Outreach Coordinator for the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival before embarking on a year of narrative feature film production.  He did sound for the Golden Gate Award nominated short film, “Since You’ve Been Ong.”  From 2007-2008, Wimbush worked on three Center for Asian American Media feature film productions: as Production Manager for Wayne Wang’s “The Princess of Nebraska,” Associate Producer for Richard Wong’s “Option 3,” and Co-Producer on H.P. Mendoza’s “Fruit Fly.”

In 2008, Wimbush wrote, directed, edited and produced the short film “Double Features” about one night at an art house cinema.  Filmed at the historic Balboa Theater in San Francisco by Jim Choi, and influenced by the visual style of Wong Kar Wai and Krystof Kieslowski, “Double Features” has screened at numerous film festivals including the Disorient Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, APAture Festival (San Francisco), Vancouver Asian Film Festival and Austin Asian American Film Festival.

In 2008, Wimbush also began working in the documentary realm.   With K Pacific production partner Jim Choi,  he served as Co-Producer/Camera/Editor of the documentary shorts “The Making of Lure,” “Red Thread,” “Food For Life,” and “The Time That Land Forgot.”  In spring 2009, he traveled to Cambodia with director Mike Siv to film a documentary on the first Cambodian national baseball team.  He is currently working on the feature documentary “Redemption,” and a new video series for iPhone.


Jim Choi is a fine-artist,  cinematographer and location sound recordist, with additional competency in producing and editing. During six years at the Center for Asian American Media fostering and creating new content for the public television market, he became intimately familiar with the challenges and rewards of independent production.  Giving voice to marginalized communities and bringing minority programming out of the interstices of the human experience has been at the center of Jim’s work.

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